Personal Life Coaching

Dr. Sierra offers Life Coaching to help you bring balance, joy, laughter and love back into your life. You can rely on her 20+ years of professional experience and her rich life experience to help you find the best solutions for you while achieving life balance, joy, laughter and passion. Her mission is accomplished when you are living and loving your life: That is her passion and joy.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes getting to where you want to be in life requires you to work on it by yourself, and focus just on you. Even though some of the problems you want to talk about involve others, it may be time to work just on yourself, by yourself.

Couples/Relationship Counseling

Relationships are an important and wonderful part of life…they can also be complicated and demanding. We don’t all naturally have the skills to make our relationships as enjoyable as they could be, and we might not have learned them at home. Besides, life is different than when we were young. The rules have changed. Couples counseling focuses on figuring out what you want from your relationship, what’s getting in the way of having that, and what you need (skills/tools/knowledge) to get there.

Telephone Consultations

In between sessions, problems do come up. You can take advantage of these moments when you feel overwhelmed or stuck, and don’t know how to manage the situation and/or your emotions in a more constructive way. Through a telephone consultation, you can take advantage of the challenge and transform it into a teachable moment.

Group Counseling

Learning from others and getting that support is invaluable to making positive changes. Adding groups along with other services complements and enhances the progress and breakthroughs you experience. Groups will be forming soon.

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